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User reporting system

Created: 18 Feb 2018 / Categories: UI/UX

The brief asked to design a user interface which would allow the user to generate reports on the number of patients on the system. A prototype of the reporting screen

Changing Health Infographic Series

Created: 18 Feb 2018 / Categories: Infographic

On a weekly basis, I am required to create an infographic to help people manage their Type 2 diabetes. The content is created by one of the Changing Health lifestyle

Under the sea

Created: 25 Jul 2017 / Categories: Infographic/Editorial

This project focused on the word “consume”, for this I looked into what we consume from the oceans, my final piece of work was designed to be an infographic publication

North East Film Archive

Created: 25 Jul 2017 / Categories: Branding

The North East Film Archive is based in Middlesbrough and preserves footage of the North East of England. The rebrand focuses on creating a new identity for the organisation as

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Created: 25 Jul 2017 / Categories: Editorial

The project focused on the word Milestones, for this I decided to use the Fall of the Berlin Wall as the Milestone. The editorial features red graphic blocks to represent


Created: 23 Jul 2017 / Categories: Branding

As part of my University studies we were approached with the task of creating a logo for the BFI Film festival. The Festival could be about anything with in the film, for my festival I looked ...

Status Digital Brand Guidelines

Created: 23 Jul 2017 / Categories: Branding

During my time at Status Digital I helped to create the companies stationery set as well as writing and designing the brand guidelines. The stationery set has been designed to show the main ...

Just because co2 is invisible its effects aren’t

Created: 23 Jul 2017 / Categories: Advertising

This project focused on the effects of climate change by using facts, these facts were then designed to be projected onto the side of buildings and public spaces so that the general public will ...